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DWI Services 

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Call and make an appointment for DWI Assessment. Bring the following items:

  1. Bring state ID 

  2. A copy of your complete driving record from the DMV.  It must be signed or stamped by the NC DMV. If your attorney has your driving record, he/she can fax that to us prior to the assessment. If not we may be able to obtain it, for a fee.

  3. Original Ticket and Verification of your Breathalyzer or blood test reading. You can obtain this from your attorney, the DMV or the clerk of Court.

  4. Fee payment of $100 for the assessment in cash or money order. No checks

  5. Arrive for Assessment alcohol and drug-free.


Let us help you!

After completing your Assessment, your counselor will recommend one of the following levels of placement. (Substance Abuse Assessments are valid for 6 months. Treatment must begin within 6 months of Assessment.)


Level I- DWI Education (Alcohol & Drug Education Traffic School)

Level II-DWI Short-term Treatment 


Level III – Longer Term Treatment


Level IV-Intensive Outpatient Treatment


Level V-Inpatient/Residential Treatment

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